Online Services for Prisoners


Download the Domestic violence prevention: Online services for prisoners here 
Download the Prison responses to TERRORISM: Online de-radicalisation proposal here

The Community Justice Coalition has produced two reports that argue online counselling as a successful means to deliver effective rehabilitation programs for prisoners facing incarceration related to domestic abuse and terrorism offences.


The Turnbull and Baird Governments have vowed to address rehabilitation as a top and personal priority. However, existing programs are grossly inadequate in addressing the most serious offenders who are isolated in prison cells. Currently, these prisoners are held in isolation.


In response to this, both papers argue online counselling in cells as a safe and successful measure to change prisoner behaviour and reduce recidivism. Benefits that underlie this online approach include: properly using the eighteen hours prisoners spend bored in isolation; external providers generate greater trust and choice in counsellors; stability of service providers through the sentence and after release; some empowerment and self-management; research indicates that online services are actually more effective than face-to-face counselling; and it is relatively cheap.

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