Anne Deveson is a writer, broadcaster and documentary filmmaker with a long involvement in human rights issues. Her work has won numerous national and international awards, including three United Nations Media Peace Prize citations.

Anne’s appointments include: Executive Director of the Australian Film, Television and Radio School; Commissioner with the Royal Commission on Human Relationships; founding member of the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board and Chair of the Commonwealth Governments Advisory Committee on Homelessness. She is currently a member of the NSW Mental Health Review Tribunal, the NSW Medical Tribunal and the NSW Expert Advisory Group on Drugs

Active in helping to develop a culture of ethical and social concern, Anne has a strong belief in the power of the media to help effect social change. Since the 1960s, she has worked to build a society free of ignorance and prejudice. Her ground breaking documentaries, books and articles have illuminated issues such as poverty, ageing, mental health and resilience.

She helped establish the NSW Schizophrenia Fellowship and the national organisation, Sane Australia. She has chaired two ministerial committees on mental health legislation and speaks widely in Australia and overseas on overcoming the stigma of mental illness.

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