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Report Technology in Corrections Conference 2024
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Technology in Prisons

The International Corrections & Prisons Association (ICPA) organised a conference on ‘Digital Rehabilitation’ in Istanbul from April 21-24, 2024, together with Europris and hosted by Turkey’s Directorate of Prisons.

The CJC issued a media release to Australian and Turkey’s media about the conference. It also sent a representative to Turkey to interact with those leading the developments, and bring back information to assist with our work.

It is ICPA’s 5th Technology in Corrections (TIC) Conference. Link. During the conference attendees and speakers will discuss the opportunities and problems with new technologies, creating a space for solutions to be shared. It will discuss the digital divide where exiting prisoners are socially disabled and how digital access may be used to improve prisoner wellbeing, and reduce recidivism. The conference will also serve to create relationships between experts and institutions  across the world, to strengthen the community working in corrections. It will discuss how technology can be used ethically to ensure the safety of prisoners, staff and the community.  

Who is the ICPA?

The International Corrections & Prisons Association (ICPA) is the world leading organisation for prison authorities. It promotes policies and standards for humane and effective correctional policies and practices, assisting in their development and implementation. This association sets up various networks for the purpose of connecting professionals and promoting best practices worldwide. The current President is Peter Severin who was NSW Corrective Services Commissioner for nine years, led SA Corrections for nine years and worked with Queensland Corrective Services for 15.

The Community Justice Coalition’s campaign on Computers in Cells is here.

To find out more about ICPA and the recent conference, you can access their website here.
See the Prison Insider report on Turkey prisons here.

CJC rep with Turkish prison officers

An expert panel

Part of the participants

Media with Turkey’s Justice Minister

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