Pre-Election Justice Questionnaire 2023

The Community Justice Coalition organises a questionnaire before each state election which helps present different political parties’ stances on a wide spectrum of justice-related issues. Topics examined within the 2023 CJC Questionnaire linked here include the Effectiveness of Imprisonment, Women in Prison, Indigenous Issues and Juveniles in custody. This also helps inform the NSW public and stakeholders on policies. 


Representatives from the state’s major parties, ministers, shadow ministers and spokespeople were approached to present their views on the Questionnaire. Their responses have been analysed and recorded here: The Minister for Corrections, The Attorney General, The Australian Labor Party, The Greens, Alex Greenwich, The Socialist Alliance & One Nation. Not only does this analysis provide a unique opportunity to inform future collaboration between political parties and community stakeholders, but it also shows how much some parties have in common.  


From an initial view, there is considerable agreement on policies seeking to improve Indigenous issues and reduce prison population rates. All major parties support providing education in correctional facilities, however, they have differing views about the type of programs and technology that can be made available to people in custody. New issues also arise around the Bail Act, remand legislation and access to healthcare and rehabilitation, as the parties diverge in their opinions.


Attached here is a full analysis of the 2023 CJC Questionnaire responses.

Media release March 17, 2023 is here.

Our website presents the previous 2019 Questionnaire, the Analysis of Parties’ Responses and the last Pre-Election Forum Report.


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